Cash Managemen'

In order to run a successful business, Bridgewater Bank understands that you require efficient, flexible, secure and easy to use business services to manage your cash flow, receivables, disbursements and account balances.  Our E-Cash Management System provides the tools you need to conveniently manage your accounts with fully integrated online business banking.   Optimize your cash position to maximize cash flow and allow your cash to work for you.  


Gain Better Control:

By assigning unique functions to different users you gain better control and oversight of the accounting functions.  Set transaction rights and dollar limits!  Administrators can move money between online accounts and never leave the office to visit the bank. 

Accelerate your Collections and Manage Your Cash Flow

E-Cash Management allows you to accelerate receivables by collecting recurring items like association dues and monthly rent payments with Electronic Funds Transfer.  Direct Deposit allows you to  deposit funds electronically to your employees’ accounts.   Even enter wire requests electronically.  The money will not leave the account until the transfer is processed.   ACH payments can be entered manually or uploaded using a spreadsheet with multiple ACH payments.  These features are all designed to reduce the chance of error and ultimately save your business time and money!

Pay Taxes Easily and On time

Take advantage of the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System and pay your taxes by direct deposit. Especially useful for those businesses that must pay their taxes quarterly.

Simplify your money management with online access to balances, statements and history

With online access you have access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  View your statements, create a report or research transaction history when you choose.  This allows you to manage your money and make financial decisions when you want!   You can even request a stop payment online. 

Call one of our Retail Bankers.  Your business can benefit from these features today!