Commercial Lending

Bridgewater Bank is owned and operated by entrepreneurs like you.  That is why we realize the importance of finding flexible solutions for most lines of business including real estate, construction, and commercial services.  Dealing directly with our founders provides you with years of experience and extensive local knowledge resulting in quick turnarounds and sound decisions.

Construction Loans

Building a spec home or renovating an existing property?   A Construction loan is a short term loan that provides an interest only option during the construction phase of the project.  This allows you to purchase the building materials and the labor as you build and delay paying the principal until the construction is complete. 

Commercial Real Estate

Looking to acquire a new commercial property or refinance an existing property?  With unparalleled knowledge and years of experience our lenders can assist you with simplified underwriting and competitive rates. 

Long Term Multi Family  Financing

Planning to refinance your multi family property or acquire an investment property?  Bridgewater Bank’s long term Multi Family financing is ideal.  The process is simplified for the small to mid sized apartment owner.  With unmatched performance and low fixed rates on loans less than $10 million you will save time and money.  Expect a quick closing often less than 30 days.

Working Capital Loans

Obtaining capital can be difficult for many businesses.  A Working Capital loan can provide the cash your business needs to keep growing until revenues increase to cover all the operating expenses. 

Equipment Financing

Leave your capital and credit lines available for operational expenses. Finance your equipment purchases with a loan specifically designed to cover the cost of new or used equipment. 

1031 Exchange Financing

The 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange allows a property owner to exchange existing property for “like-kind” property without having to pay state and ferderal income taxes on the transaction.  Consider deferring the payment of capital gains taxes through the use of a 1031 Exchange. 

Letter of Credit

A promise to pay from an uninvolved third party is often helpful especially for foreign transactions.  A letter of credit can be issued providing both the buyer and the seller the guarantee that the promise to pay is legitimate.