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Bringing the Bank To You!

We understand that getting to the bank isn't always easy, that's why we are bringing the bank to you.  It's like having a virtual teller in your office.  You can make deposits directly to your business account from the comfort of your own desk.  Convenient, efficient and secure, this unique new product leaves you more time to tend to your business. 

E-Deposit FAQ's

How does E-Deposit work?  

It's easy!  Simply scan your checks into your computer.  A file is then transmitted to the bank.  The bank clears the checks and makes your corporate deposit for you.                                                               

How does E-Deposit help my business?

  • No more costly trips to the bank! 
  • Your checks are cleared quickly!
  • Enjoy an extended deposit window!
  • Make deposits on your own time!

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a computer with web access, and MS Windows 2000 or later.  Bridgewater Bank will help you  choose the scanner that is sized appropriately for your business and check volumes.  We train your staff, set up your equipment and provide ongoing support. 

At Bridgewater Bank we realize the importance of finding unique solutions.