Positive Pay

Unfortunately businesses can be common targets for check fraud.  Fortunately Positive Pay helps businesses protect against this.  Positive Pay provides a Check reconciliation service to compare issued check items with cleared items.  It’s simple, you just enter a list of issued checked items and the system generates a daily report listing any discrepancies between the issued check items and the cleared items.  You can view the exception items identified and make an edition whether the check should be paid returned to the depositor or reported as a fraudulent item.  

Protecting you and your business from check fraud!

Positive Pay FAQs

What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is a software solution that will alert you to a potential fraud through daily monitoring of your check activity. 

Is Positive Pay an ideal solution for any company?

If you are a business that issues a significant number of checks and needs a better way to monitor checking activity then Positive Pay is the correct solution for you.  Independent of your size this solution will help you prevent against fraud.

What are the requirements to set up Positive Pay?

You will need an active Business Checking account and an internet connection.  Our knowledgeable bankers will help you set up the rest.