Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking FAQs

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking will give you instant connectivity to your accounts anytime, anywhere using the browser on your mobile device. Our mobile service allows you to access account details, history,  check account balances,  and pay bills.  In addition, Mobile Banking will allow you to make immediate transfers from one Bridgewater account to another.

Will Mobile Banking work on all cell phones?

Mobile Banking can be accessed by text, via your  browser or you can download our Touch Banking application.  You pick the device and the type of service that works for you.  The internet banking pages appearance and  functionality are designed specifically for your mobile phone. 

How do I access Mobile Banking?

It’s easy! Just log in to E-Banking and go to user options.  The instructions are easy to follow. 

Do I need to enroll for Mobile Banking?

Yes, As a Bridgewater Bank E- banking customer you can log in and enroll when you are ready to enjoy the flexibility of mobile banking.  You will use the same access id and password that you use for your online banking today.

What accounts can I access with Mobile Banking?

You will have access to any of your accounts currently available for access with E-Banking.  The choice is yours.  You can view them all or just pick one or two.  

Can transfers be made using Mobile Banking?

Sure. Immediate internal transfers can be made using Mobile Banking. The transfers will be made the same way they are completed online.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

All standard E-Banking security features are applied at login including dual authentication.

How much does Mobile Banking Cost?

Bridgewater Bank does not charge for Mobile Banking. However, depending on the rate plan with your mobile service provider, you may incur charges when accessing the Internet. Please verify before accessing any Internet sites.