About Us

Our Vision 

Bridgewater Bank is a full service bank committed to serving the diverse, individual needs of entrepreneurs. We are founded by, funded by and focused on investors and small business entrepreneurs, so we understand through personal experience the commitment, enthusiasm, vision and challenges entrepreneurs face to build and grow a business. Customers deal directly with the founders and owners of Bridgewater Bank, providing the best personalized service and products available.

Our Unique Characteristics

Bridgewater Bank was created from the idea that the best bank to serve entrepreneurs would be one built by experienced bankers in partnership with local small business owners. Bridgewater Bank is supported by more than 175 shareholders, all respected and successful entrepreneurs from across the Twin Cities. It is the strength of the network of shareholders along with the vision and experience of the management team that make Bridgewater Bank unique.

Our History

Jerry Baack, lead founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President started Bridgewater Bank in November 2005. After 15 years of banking in both the commercial and regulatory sectors he left a successful local banking institution to create a bank with the strongest investment group and most experienced management team in the Twin Cities. Jeff Shellberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer; Rachael Petersen, Chief Financial Officer; Dan Poppe, Chief Lending Officer and Mary Jayne Crocker, Senior Vice President of Communications partner with Jerry to drive Bridgewater Bank to be the finest entrepreneurial bank in the Twin Cities.

After just three months of operation this young bank was showing a profit and sustained profitability throughout the first year of business. As assets approached $100 Million, a decision was made to add a second location. On November 1st, 2006 a new branch was opened in Greenwood to service the western suburbs of Minneapolis. On September 3, 2013 the third branch was added, expanding Bridgewater Bank's geographic  footprint into downtown Minneapolis.  Bridgewater Bank's total assets currently exceed $550 Million.   For up to date financial information please refer to our Statement of Condition.

Our Focus

At Bridgewater Bank, we are focused on meeting the business and personal financing needs of each of our customers. With our extensive banking experience, strong shareholder commitment and our dedication to serve the small business and real estate communities, we welcome you to come and speak to one of our entrepreneurial founders.

Annual Report

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