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With Bridgewater Bank’s mobile banking app, you can access your e-Banking account anywhere, anytime with swipe of a button. It’s designed to fit your lifestyle with convenient and secure access on-the-go. The app, supported by iPhone or Android devices, is available for download on the App Store or Google Play. To learn about the Mobile Banking app for Business Services, click here

You must be enrolled in online banking to use this service. For questions, contact one of our knowledgeable Account Executives at 952.893.6868.

Download the Bridgewater Bank app for e-Banking (black) on the App store or Google Play.


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What is CardValet?

What if you could turn your debit card on or off? And when it’s off – no one could use your card? With CardValet, fraud prevention is in your control. Real-time alerts let you know when your cards are used – and what’s more, you get to decide where, when and how your card is used.

How to get started:

  • Download the app on your android or iPhone
  • Register your card
  • Create alert settings and notifications
  • Enjoy fraud prevention at your fingertips

Our knowledgeable Account Executives are available to help with questions or to guide you through getting started with CardValet. Contact us at 952.893.6868.


What is Popmoney?

Transfer funds securely to anyone, simply via text or email. With Popmoney® personal payment service, you can send money directly from your bank account to your recipient’s account.

  • Send money using email, phone, or text. Use Popmoney to send a gift or cover your share of dinner.
  • Money moves directly from bank account to bank account. There isn’t a middle account for you or your recipients to transfer money in and out of.
  • It works across different banks. Recipients don’t have to bank with Bridgewater or even have a Popmoney account; they only need an email or mobile number.

Log into Bridgewater Bank and locate Popmoney under e-Pay to get started.


Now you can securely transfer money to and from your Bridgewater Bank checking or savings account to your checking or savings accounts at another financial institution within the U.S. Interested in getting started? Simply log into your Bridgewater Bank account and locate Transfer Money under e-Pay.

More about Transfer Money

    • Transfer Money is available to clients who use e-Banking and are enrolled in e-Pay.
    • At this time, Transfer Money is not available to our Bridgewater Bank’s Business Services clients.
    • Transfer Money is a complimentary feature.