Our Vision

Bridgewater Bank was created from the idea that the best bank to serve a successful and energized group of clients would be one that was built by experienced bankers with an entrepreneurial perspective. While we pride ourselves on our expertise in real estate, you don’t have to be a real estate investor or an entrepreneur to appreciate our responsive service, dedicated support and unconventional attitude. With a wide range of deposit and lending products, we believe we can certainly meet the needs of anyone looking for an alternative to conventional banking. At Bridgewater, you will enjoy dealing directly with professional bankers whose first priority is to serve you. Bridgewater Bank may not look like a traditional community bank, but through extensive networking, we focus on building communities.


What Our Clients Say

Our clients see what we see: banking doesn’t have to be monotonous. It can be lively, unconventional and even evoke a sense of pride. For many of our clients, Bridgewater Bank is more than a place to do business – it’s a sense of community. We believe our client-centric approach, responsiveness, and willingness to challenge the status quo have allowed us to become frontrunners in what we do best.

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Our Unique Characteristics

Through personal experience, we understand the commitment, enthusiasm, vision and challenges entrepreneurs face to establish and grow a business. We are founded by, funded by and focused on local real estate investors and successful businesspeople. With a can-do spirit and expertise in banking and real estate, we believe Bridgewater Bank is preferred by savvy entrepreneurs. We understand that flexibility and creativity can make all the difference and that moving quickly helps ensure you never miss an opportunity. It’s how we build successful banking relationships.

Our History

Jerry Baack
President & CEO
Bridgewater Bank

Jerry Baack, lead founder, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President started Bridgewater Bank in November 2005. After 15 years of banking in both the commercial and regulatory sectors, he left a successful local bank to establish a bank with a strong investment group and experienced management team. It was his mission to create a bank focused on serving the needs of successful real estate and small business entrepreneurs. He envisioned a bank that would be unconventional, responsive and focused on people looking for partnerships.

Within three months, the Bank was profitable and has remained profitable since 2006. During the Great Recession, it was difficult to see how the failing economy could bring anything but challenges. Despite the downturn, Bridgewater Bank had the great opportunity to establish itself as a true competitor in the market. Our “can do” approach allowed the Bank to capitalize on new opportunities and develop relationships that have proven integral to the Bank’s continued growth.

Nearly 11 years later, the Bank has remained profitable and has earned a reputation as a bank that understands our clients’ unique needs while quickly working towards a done deal. As one of the top 10 largest banks in the state of Minnesota and a top performing bank in the nation, we reap the rewards of an incredibly loyal shareholder and client base, a dedicated Board and a committed staff group.

Our Annual Report

2017 was another year of exceptional year of growth for Bridgewater Bank. Our annual report illustrates our accomplishments and those of our clients, whose testimonials say it best. View our 2017 Annual Report.

Our Corporate Profile

With assets totaling $1.61 billion, Bridgewater Bank was created from the idea that the best bank to serve a successful and energized group of clients would be one that was built by experienced bankers with an entrepreneurial perspective.

Considered to be one of the fastest-growing banks in Minnesota, Bridgewater Bank currently ranks as one of the largest banks in the State by asset size.

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