We’re glad you asked.

We’ve learned that our greatest asset is our team. We hire people who are determined and motivated to contribute. We strive to provide an unconventional experience for our team, and it pays off. Our philosophy suggests that when our people soar, our business will fly. Here, opportunities for personal growth and contribution are endless and our prevailing optimistic culture and absence of hierarchy and politics keep us looking and feeling like a non-traditional bank. Work with us at Bridgewater, and you’ll work with a team that makes up what we believe to be the fastest growing (and most unconventional) bank in the Twin Cities.

Our Culture

We’ve focused on building a great culture with positive outcomes. Why do our employees consider Bridgewater a great place to work? By offering unique programs and classes, we continually keep our team engaged and on track. With a mentorship program, health and wellness opportunities and more, our ongoing dedication to employees encompasses many facets.